Financial Solutions

Medica Health Management’s financial solutions will
support informed strategic decisions and boost your
bottom line.

Medica health Management provides a wide range of financial solutions
and expertise to help you maximize your agency performance by
accelerating cash flow, identifying better ways to manage appropriate
reimbursement and benchmarking key metrics. We can help you get your
agency on course and keep it there. Financial services for home health,
hospice and home medical equipment include:

  • Strategies to accelerate cash flow
  • Revenue recovery services
  • Analysis of PPS data to promote profitable decisions
  • Analysis of revenue trends, cost structure and profit margins
  • Analysis of statistical information and monthly financial results
  • Due diligence and feasibility services
  • IT, billing and collections services
  • Productivity analysis
  • Pay-per-visit impact analysis
  • Strategies to stimulate growth and profitability
  • Full financial analysis
  • Pre-audit and preparation for recovery audit contractors
  • Preparation for competitive bidding