Medica Health Management Medica Health Management has the expertise and resources needed to get your agency on the right course and stay there. We have a proven track record in helping homecare agencies identify obstacles to achieving desired results and supporting the implementation of needed changes. Learn More

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Dedicated Teams

Medica Health Mangement teams are dedicated to you and your patient’s needs. We are here to provide superior service.

Patient Satisfaction Focused

At the end of the day, the focus is on patient satisfaction that’s why every decision and suggestion revolves around the patient.

Results Driven

We’re a result driven medical management agency. The focus is on making your agency thrive and make you a part of our mission.

True Partners

At Medica Health Management we believe that great outcomes are a result of being great partners and working together to succeed.

A message from Our Director

Dr. Carmen Santiago

Dr. Carmen Santiago has a story to tell that will educate, empower, and motivate Hispanics/Latinos of all backgrounds. Touching US soil in order to arrange a surgery for one of her four children, which was desperately needed, was the initial reason for making it to the United States. The years passed and Dr. Santiago faced many challenges including persevering through her own mothers medical needs…


Dr. Carmen Santiago

Over 25 Years
of Experience

6,000 + Monthy
1,200 + Employees
23 + Awards
10,000 Satisfied

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