Top 5 Benefits of Alternative Development Request
(ADR) Consulting

Stressed out because of Medicare rules and regulations? Learn more about the
benefits hiring an ADR consultant does for you. Do you really know all the ins
and outs of additional development requests? Of course, you and your patients
both want a positive outcome in every case. But sometimes that doesn’t happen –
no medical process or administrative procedure ever works perfectly the same
for all people. However, as with anything, ADRs get complex very fast. So, it
makes sense to hire a consultant like Medica Health Management to help you
with your ADRs. Here are some other potential benefits of hiring an ADR consultant:

  1. Save Money

Yes, consulting costs you some money up front. But it more than makes up for what you save later on down the line.

Your processes get streamlined so they aren’t as costly. You don’t have these ADRs happen nearly as often (if ever). You don’t waste employee labor or money on contractors to help you work through the process.

That all adds up to significant capital you can save up and direct toward other resources  – like building your business.

  1. Eliminate Annoying Denials

Yes, you can completely eliminate denials during the medical review process. These decisions are usually based on the content of your medical records. Alternatively, they can happen if you have insufficient medical information.

A good consultant (or firm) makes this problem go away.

  1. Prepare for Medicare Certification

If you’re looking to get prepared to for Medicare certification, ADR consulting is a great way to do it. When you’re Medicare certified, you instantly have access to many more potential patients – a great source of revenue for your business.

  1. Stop Cash Flow Disruptions

You send your information to Medicare, and then wham – they come back with the ADR. If enough of these hit at one time, that’s quite a disruption to your business’s cash flow!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could completely eliminate all of these disruptions at once?

  1. Stop Going Through that Lengthy Appeals Process

Medicare does have an appeals process for you to go through. But it takes a long time – months at minimum. Can your business really wait that long for Medicare?

Why not just avoid it entirely and get all the documentation you need in place right away?

The bottom line is you don’t lose with ADR consulting! It’s a great investment for your business.

Why not have it done at your healthcare organization today? Medica Health Management provides expert advice and licensed business tools to help hospital-based, hospital- affiliated, visiting nurse associations, hospice and proprietary agencies achieve better results. Our track record is proven and our expertise is unmatched. Contact us today to learn more.

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